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Let me start by thanking the fans and users of AngelsHorn® turntables for giving us a lot of suggestions. For example, after receiving fans on YouTube saying that the Bluetooth version is a problem, we iterated the "H00501 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Turntable"; We received feedback from users on the website. After receiving the goods, there were problems with the outer packaging. We quickly upgraded and contacted the supplier. We have changed the bubbles and cardboard materials of the packaging, etc.

What I want to say is, thank you, we progress together, and excellent products are promoted by us jointly; AngelsHorn® hopes to be paranoid in the field of record players and strive to find points that can be improved, combining "retro aesthetics" with "simple and modern" On the turntable, live up to the trust of your fans.

Let’s step into the topic below. We will combine the most frequently mentioned questions from fans and social media to answer the questions; if there is any imperfection, welcome to add. We will select a period and reply in the form of a video or text:

#1 Are turntable belts Universal?

Unfortunately, there is nothing like one turntable belt that fits all; different belts from different manufacturers vary in length and width. These belts consist of using different types of elastomeric materials. So you have to be very careful when looking for a replacement for your turntable.

Maybe AngelsHorn®'s dedicated Turntable Belts can help with turntables, since they're basically universal for AngelsHorn® turntables

#2 Can you use a rubber band as a turntable belt?

Belt drive turntables literally turn with the help of a belt made of rubber.
(ps: So I searched through a 1/2 lb bag of various sized rubber bands that I had bought from a local office supply store and found several large bands and tried one on the turntable and to my surprise it worked)

#3 How long does a turntable belt last?

But how long should your turntable belt last? Most belt-drive turntables utilize a rubber-based closed loop belt that typically lasts up to 5 years or so. The lifespan of the belt is determined by its quality, tightness, elasticity, and use. With no use, a belt will last 5-6 years in typical conditions.

#4 How do you change a cassette player Belt?

#5 How do you restore a rubber belt?

A bent coat hanger works well. Heat up the rubber piece in a pot of boiling water. Pull the rubber out of the boiling water, then dip the cotton wad into some glycerine, and wipe down the rubber item with it. Let it dry for 24 hours, then heat the rubber again and wipe it down with more glycerine.

#6 How do you fix a turntable that spins slow?

The easy fix is to order a new belt and replace the old one. Please refer to
#4 How do you change a cassette player Belt?

#7 What size turntable belt do I need?

To select the correct size belt measure the diameter (the distance across not around) the subplatter. This will usually be in the range 140mm to 210mm. Then choose the belt size just below the measurement. eg if the diameter is 198mm, choose a 195 belt.

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