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By Highfly on Jul 29, 2021
So good to have a vinyl turntable again. The sound is just so much warmer than digital music. The turntable was impecably packaged and the instructions easy to follow. It looks great in our space as well. I could not recommend this enough. (I was considering a considerably more expensive unit but more than satisfied with Angel's Horn.) Can't wait to rebuild my vinyl collection again.


By Candace K on Jun 25, 2021

Easy to set up and put together even for a novice like me. It plays both size records. There is a weight you can adjust to make sure the needle doesn't skip. The lid is nice to keep dust and pet hair off of it while not in use. Sound quality is great and really allows you to enjoy the music. Being able to hook speakers up to it makes it better too. I can put my speakers on my balcony and enjoy the music while outside.


By HGE3 on Aug 12, 2019
I haven't had a turntable for nearly 30 years. I bought this over a Uturn. It was super easy to put together.It sounds great. It looks sexy. I would absolutely recommend this to anybody considering it.


By Breeze on Oct 30, 2021
I'm a old hippie and I have had many turntables in my days. This is what I call a very nice sounding & working turntable. All need is a good little amp & some good speakers and your set. BIG SMILE, love it. Plays my old 33And half great. They, sound like I just brought them all new again and It's 1969 ... WOW!


By Krzesinski on Mar. 30, 2020
This is an excellent Turntable Record Player for that money. It doesn’t come with speakers, so you will need to have your own. There isn’t any automatic shut off system but mine it shuts off itself after the vinyl is done, but the arm doesn’t return to the holder.
The sound quality is nice.
The assembly was a little bit complicated but I found a video on youtube for the set up so it helped me a lot.

Overall, I think this is a great turntable record player. It is definitely worth the money. I recommend it.

Angels Horn Solid Iron Platter