How to set counter weight -Angels Horn Record Player

1. The possible problem is that the weight of your counterweight is set incorrectly. Therefore, we hope you can try to adjust the weight of the counterweight to solve this problem. Here is the installation video link ( for your reference.
Step1: Unlock the tonearm, set the lift lever to the up position, then position the cartridge in the space between the tonearm rest and platter. Set the tonearm lift lever to the down position.
Step2: Inset the counterweight onto the rear of the tonearm. Rotate the counterweight to make the tonearm balanced.
Step3: Set the tonearm lift lever to the up position. Return the tonearm to its rest and lock it.
Keep the counterweight still, just rotate the dial until "0" is at the top.
Rotate the counterweight 1 and 3/4ths times for the recommended 3.5 grams.
2.Set the anti-skid block correctlySet the anti-skid block correctly(If your record player model is HP-H00501, please ignore this step.): Tie the anti-skating weight's fishing line to the 3rd groove of the small stick above the tonearm.
Then hang the weight from the standing hook.
Regarding how to adjust the counterweight and the anti-skid block,
you can refer to the operation video link to operate, and hope to help you. Looking forward to your understanding and trying, If any questions, please feel free to leave us a message.
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