9 Step Turntable Belts: Brief Instructions and Replacement

Turntable Belts: What Are They & How Do You Replace Them?
You may discover all the moving parts a little bewildering if you're brand-new to the world of record gamers. What do all those sheaves and wheels do? How can an audiophile preserve their turntable in good shape?

There are numerous moving parts to a record player, however in this article, we'll provide you some info and ideas on your record player's turntable belt. We'll inform you what it is, what it does, and how to change them when the time comes so that your record player remains in maximum condition.

1.What Is a Turntable Belt?

Turntable belts are an essential function of a lot of record players, both the old-school vintage variations and more recent designs. A turntable belt turns the plate of a record player's turntable. The plate is the part that holds your records.

More particularly, the turntable belt links the plate to a motor set up off to the side of your record player. On belt drive turntables, there is a motor connected to a belt. When the motor begins, the belt goes through a sheave on the motor, around the plate, and back, spinning the plate so that your records can play.

Without a turntable belt, your records actually will not play. They're required to turn the plate and run the system that makes record players work, so it's essential to keep them in good shape and change them when needed so that your records offer their finest.

Some more recent turntables have a direct drive style, which indicates that rather of a motor connected to a belt, the motor is connected straight to the turntable plate. Direct drive turntables are popular with DJs who like the quick action time and more constant turntable speeds that some direct drive turntables have.

Due to the fact that they are the requirement, Belt drive turntables are generally popular with record gamer newbies. A lot of brand-new turntables cost house use have belt drives. They do not need a great deal of plate adjustment or understanding about speed or motor settings, so you can begin playing records a lot earlier on a turntable with a belt.

2.What Are the Advantages of Turntable Belts?

There are a lot of advantages to utilizing a turntable with a belt drive. Belt drive turntables are a little quieter than direct drive turntables.

Direct drive turntables have more vibrations. All of them are moved to the needle, which can trigger sound and disturbance when a record is playing.

On a belt drive turntable, the motor is off to the side of the turntable so that none of its vibrations impacts record play. It likewise reduces vibration since the turntable belt is smooth and flat. That makes it really crucial to get an excellent quality turntable belt and alter it as quickly as it starts to degrade.

3.What Do Turntable Belts Look Like?

Turntable belts are flat, smooth, and made from an unique type of rubber. They look a bit like huge black elastic band.

The product they're made from lasts a very long time. When turntable belt rubber starts to weaken, it can split, fall apart, or get sticky. All of these states can seriously disrupt your turntable, so make certain to alter your turntable belt at the very first indication of wear.

4.How Can I Replace My Turntable Belt?

Turntable belts are made to last a very long time, however they ultimately break down and break down. Here are a couple of simple actions to follow when you require to change your turntable belt.

Prior to you start, review the parts of a record player with our helpful guide.

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5.Get Rid Of the Old Turntable Belt

The first thing you'll require to do is eliminate the old turntable belt to include the brand-new one. Eliminate it with isopropyl alcohol on a tidy rag or cotton swab if it leaves any black goo behind.

It's fine to carefully brush or vacuum away any particles to make sure the brand-new belt fits completely if the old belt was crumbly.

6.Open Your Record Player

Now it's time to open your turntable and change the belt. Start by getting rid of the turntable mat and setting it aside. This will offer you access to the plate, which you'll require to remove the turntable plinth.

Inspect thoroughly for any clips or locks that requirement to be launched prior to getting rid of the plate, and make certain you keep in mind where they do and how they connect.

7.Link The New Turntable Belt

When the plate is off, it must be simple to recognize 2 things; the motor that the old belt was connected to and the within rim of the plate.

Thoroughly connect one end of the brand-new belt to the motor. There might be a wheel that the belt really links to. When you eliminate it to make sure you're hooking the brand-new one to the best areas, make sure to keep in mind where and how the old turntable belt is connected.

Loop the other end of the belt loosely around the underside of the plate in the location that the real plate fits over. Inspect to make certain it isn't too tight or too loose so that your plate turns uniformly and your records play properly.

8.Play Vinyl Records

Change the plate and test the outcomes of your tough work by playing one of your preferred records as soon as you've done that. If the plate does not spin, disconnect your record player, take the record off, and double-check to make sure that whatever is properly connected and established.

9.Can You Replace Your Own Turntable Belt?

Changing your own turntable belt is quite easy to do. Despite the fact that it's easy, it's a fantastic ability to have if you wish to level up from casual listener to audio devices specialist.

With a little elbow grease, observation, and persistence, you can change the old belt to keep your record player running efficiently and your preferred records playing wonderfully.

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