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Excellent Hi-Fi!

This hi-fi is fabulous for the money. The sound quality is above anything in the same price range and the Bluetooth function is a handy, additional bonus. It looks stylish and is pretty compact. We’ve had it for a couple of weeks and we’re delighted. I’d thoroughly recommend this product to others.

A great all around system that serves well needed niche

If you search for reviews of Angels Horn player you will most get all kinds of audiophiles negated the purchase of all-in-one systems. These people are really mean, and one track minded. It doesn't matter one iota what you tell them, they will all say all-in-ones are crap. Get a pre-amp, sepate speakers, a receiver, change your needed, at the end of it you have 3-4 separate items taking up space. No question, that if you specialize your equipment you'll get very good performance. But I can say that Angels Horn is great. The components are really good, its feature rich, the sound is great. Is it at the level of a audiophile, no it isn't. But is it a really good system that you'll be happy with, that will play all your records, won't skip, can adjust the weight of the needle, good bass, good sound in a small package? Yes it is. I'm really happy with it. I think you will be too.

Very well worth their price!

This review is for the ANGELS HORN Bluetooth 5.2 Bookshelf Speakers.

Ordered a pair and wasn't expecting them to provide so much bass but was proven wrong. These speakers are simply amazing! There is so much of it coming out of them that you won't be asking for more. They paired easily to my smartphone via BT and immediately made a big impression in my large testing room. Their brown color don't help them look as premium but what's coming out of them is what counts. And they will produce enough sound to fill a large room with volume to spare, believe it or not!

In the box you should receive a power adapter and the audio and sound cables. Notice I wrote "you should" because on my 1st order the audio and sound cables were missing; so I requested a replacement and got them 3 days later for my review. I wasn't planning to put them to work in my living/dining room area but they sounded so good that now they are there for when guests come to visit and we can listen to some background music while eating or chatting.

The sound cable that connects them both is about 6' long, which I found to be enough of a separation to receive the awesome stereo melody that you'll be getting.

I'm an amateur audiophile that really appreciates good quality speakers and the sound they are supposed to image. And this pair easily fits that bill at a really good price.


Pleasantly surprised and happy with the purchase. The sound from built in speakers is great for a small apartment. The only thing I wish it had was auto tone arm return feature. I definitely recommend this to fellow Vinyl enthusiasts.


Relatively easy to set up and the sound quality is great considering the price and the built in speakers :)

Great Turntable

My first turntable since 1972. Great sound with all those old 33’s. The packaging protected all the parts perfectly, and assembly was easy.


Very pleased with everything, very quick delivery and packed really well excellent value for money, couldn’t ask for more.

Angels horn record player

Beautiful piece, sounds great! Was easy to setup and looks nice in my new home. Thank you!

Angels Horn H019 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Speakers EU

Great turntable!

The Angelshorn all in one turntable is well made, easy to use, and if you want, you can add bookshelf speakers.
As it is, the sound is excellent coming out of the four built-in stereo speakers. I’m amazed at how GOOD my records sound! Well done, Angelshorn!!

Angelhorn turntable with speakers

It was a bit difficult to set-up the tone arm (balance and weight were not obvious) but we figured it out and my son LOVES it. Seems like a pretty good little turntable. We haven't tried using the bluetooth or external speaker hook ups yet. The sound is limited but I imagine if it went too loud, it would distort the record sound. I would recommend this product to a friend (and I have).

I'm really enjoying my Turntable and hearing my old albums again. The sound and quality are great for a device at this price. The instructions for setting the arm/counterweight were deficient, but I figured it out.

So amazing

Very easy to set up, beautiful sound, looks great on my dresser.


Very good quality and great sound!!

Incredible customer service and great player!

The turntable is excellent. It looks and sounds fantastic. Love the built in speaker and the possibility to connect it to external speakers (analog or bluetooth). What really matters though is that customer service from the company has been exemplary. I will 100% order from them again.

ANGELS HORN Counterweight
Rebecca Panassow
Exactly what I needed

Just what I needed at a reasonable price and excellent shipping speed


Very beautiful and has a nice voice

great way to get into Vinyl

This is a good way to get into vinyl with everything built into one unit and not taking up much space. Sounds decent (not audiophile quality), yet you do get a taste of the non-fatiguing vinyl sound everyone talks about. It also looks good as a home decor piece.

A Nice Surprise

I was really blown away at how good this actually looked. Great quality, super sturdy and durable, but also very sleek. My apartment has a wood floor and wood tables so the wood style fit perfectly. If youre thinking about it just go for it!

Great music

Great turntable. The music is warm and clear. The turntable looks great and customer service is awesome. My dust cover was cracked. Minor inconvenience, I emailed customer support and they shipped one right away! Thanks.


After the initial setup it works as intended - you put on the record and it plays! Sound quality is better than expected.

easy set up, great sound

upgraded my system slightly but still wanted a record player that had its own speakers. Found the NYT featured article and this player was perfect for what I wanted. Set up was easy and sound has been great.

Our first record player

My partner and I have been interested in getting our first record player to begin our collection, so I searched high and low for the best sets for beginners with good audio quality. Angel’s Horn had high reviews on several sites and we are so glad with our choice! Set up was very easy and we like the Bluetooth aspect to the speakers.

great sound!

We're still not sure we balanced the arm correctly, confusing instructions, but the sound is great!