How to Maintain and Clean Your Record Player?

Maintenance and Cleaning:

Your turntable requires little of no regular maintenance. Remove dust with a slightly damp antistatic cloth. Never use a dry cloth, this will create static electricity and attract more dust!
Antistatic cleaning agents are available at specialist stores, but must be applied sparingly to avoid damage to rubber parts. It is recommended to install the needle cover before cleaning or maintenance is carried out to avoid damage.
If the turntable is not used over a long period of time, the drive belt should be removed to prevent unequal stretching.

***NOTE: If your amplifier does not have an input suitable for phono cartridges, you will need to purchase a separate phono amplifier for moving magnetic cartridges. This separate phono amplifier will then connect between your turntable and your amplifier.

***Useful Tips:
The turntable should be positioned on a low-resonance surface such as wood or multiple layer ply board to avoid structural vibrations disturbing playback.

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