Detailed Guide to Replacing a Record Player Belt 2022

After the continuous screening, we finally got the vinyl record turntable. When the turntable was playing the collected vinyl records one by one in the bedroom, we heard the uncomfortable noise of "squeaking" from the Bluetooth earphones on the sofa. At this time, We might want to consider whether to change the belt to give the turntable a new lease of life.


Because the belt drives the turntable at a constant speed to play the melody, of course, the belt does not only affect this; let's first understand the role of the retro record player belt:


A turntable belt is a crucial part of the turntable responsible for spinning the motors and playing the record. The belt connects the motor to the platter, which rotates the vinyl record.

If your turntable doesn’t spin after being turned on, then the chances are that you have problems with the belt. The turntable belt links and spins all the motors in your record player at a constant speed. Unfortunately, it does wear down with time, and if yours has, you may be wondering, are turntable belts universal?


Turntable belt construction is usually the same material, but they are not equal in size. These belts vary in thickness, length, and width; therefore, you can’t just install any belt on your turntable. Each model has its specific replacement belt.


So, in this article, we will elaborate more on why you can’t just install any belt in your turntable. We’ll also show you how to replace the belt and pick the right one.


Diagnose The Turntable Belt And Confirm If You Need A Replacement

If You Need A Replacement, detect The Turntable Belt And Confirm.


The primary indication to enjoy is if the turntable rotates when transformed on if you believe your belt is obtaining old. When playing a document, you require a substitute if you discover a rate adjustment. To validate the rate of the turntable, you require a strobe disc.


A strobe light or disc is a round gadget made use of to figure out the turntable and establish's rate. When it's brand-new, the strobe disc aids you in establishing the rate of your turntable.


When you observe that its price has boosted, you can validate it by positioning the disc on the gamer and running it. The strobe disc will undoubtedly assist you in making sure that the turntable is running correctly. (resource).

If the size of the turntable belt has been enhanced by inspecting if the stress between the plate and electric motor has decreased, you can also verify. After validating that the belt is the problem, you can remove it and also begin seeking a substitute.

If unfortunately we need to replace the belt to solve the current situation, please continue:

Look For The Right Belt For The Turntable

Remember, all belts are made differently. They vary in length, width, and thickness. So you need the right option if you plan on listening to high-quality sounds. After all, the dimensions of the belt will make a massive difference in how the record plays.


Therefore, if possible, you should replace it with the same belt; this means getting a replacement made for your specific type of record player. (source)


You can find the right option online by looking for your turntable’s model replacement. Luckily, many websites offer specific turntable belts, like turntable belts; all you have to do is click your model and make. So before ordering a replacement belt, you should do the following:


  • Measure the length of the old belt and then subtract about 10mm to account for how much it has stretched over the last few years.
  • Measure its width and then make your order
  • If it’s an old machine and you can’t find its original belt, you will have to measure the circumference of the platter’s hub using tape. Remember, the belt has to be tight, so make sure you subtract about 10mm from the platter’s circumference to get the right length of a replacement belt. (source) With the correct measurement, you can place your order and make sure it’s made using durable elastomeric material.

Are you ready? What are you waiting for, let's start changing the belt of the record player

#1 Unplug The Turntable And Remove Its Plastic Mat

Before you even start doing any repair or replacement work on any electronic machine, including the turntable, it’s always a good idea to disconnect it from the mains. It will help lower the likelihood of getting an electrical shock.


Electrical shock may be rare, but for the safety of your motor and you, you should disconnect it from the power.


After unplugging it, the next step is removing the plastic mat. The plastic mat is situated on the platter, and it’s where the record sits when playing. Removing this mat from the center shaft is relatively easy; all you have to do is pull it out and place it aside.



Ps:The belt is not a football, trust me, don't try to use the force of the grip to drive the belt, it doesn't feel good;

#2 Remove The Turntable’s Platter

Platters are the plastic or metal circles beneath the mat that are spun by the motor. Most platters come with two access ports that allow you to access the motor while others don’t. The platters are typically attached to the turntable’s center shaft in different ways, but removing it can be pretty straightforward. For example:


Removing it can be straightforward if the platter has a tiny C-shaped clip attached to its center shaft. All you need to do is pry it out using a flat-head screwdriver and then free the platter.

#3 Clean The Motor

Before replacing the belt, you may consider cleaning the motor, especially if you have never done it before or it looks dirty. Using rubbing alcohol and a lint-free rag, wipe the exposed parts of the motor and remove all the dirt and dust.

#4 Stretch The Turntable Belt Over The Platter’s Hub

The belt must fit snugly over the platter’s centre hub, so ensure you do it correctly. First, you should ensure the belt is straight and flip the platter upside down to access the centre hub. Next, put as many belts as possible in the centre hub. Remember, the belt doesn’t have to be kinked or twisted.


So if you notice that it’s twisted after stretching it over the hub, you can remove it and install it correctly. If your new belt has a ribbon, you can line it up with one of the access holes. It will make it possible for you to pull the belt and run it over the motor.


If your platter has no access hole, you should stretch it onto a small post or peg. You can place a peg near the edge of the platter and stretch it over it to create a round-bottomed triangle. The peg will give you access to the belt when stretching it over the motor. 

#5 Flip The Platter Over And Install The Turntable Belt

After installing the belt, you can flip the platter over and put it back, but don’t install the C-clip yet. Turn it until the access holes can expose the motor. The turntable’s motor is a metal shaft situated at the corner of your record player. Remember, the belt must hook to it for the turntable to play the record. So make sure you can reach through the holes and touch the motor.


If your turntable’s platter doesn’t have an access port, you should align the motor spindle with the peg or post you placed on the platter. Place the platter back in its position and then spin it two complete rotations counterclockwise and two clockwise to help hook the belt on the motor’s spindle.


#6 Hook The Belt Over The Motor’s Spindle

If your platter has access ports, you can pull the belt and stretch it over the motor’s spindle. Ensure the motor has a small-cap on its spindle to hold the belt in place and prevent it from slipping off. Place the belt on the motor’s body after pulling it over the cap and ensure it’s locked tight.

#7 Test The Belt

After stretching the belt over the motor, you should spin it in both directions to confirm if it’s working correctly. And when turning it, make sure you get a light, consistent resistance. If the platter is stopping instantly or jerking, then it means that you didn’t install the belt correctly. So you should check the new belt for twists and kinks before reattaching it and testing it again.

#8 Troubleshoot The Turntable

The most common problem with replacing the turntable belt is not attaching it correctly to the motor. So make sure the belt is below the small cap on the motor. Another problem that can affect the spinning speed of the motor is a loose or tight belt. If the belt is loose, then it can’t spin the motor.

And when it’s too tight, then turning the platter by hand can be very hard.

If this is the case, you should repeat the above steps and install them correctly.

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