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A good life comes from inner happiness. Happiness is probably something to be busy with during the day and a quiet space that belongs to oneself at night.


Modern people are busy with various things and always have 2-3 hours a day for themselves to relieve fatigue and enjoy a moment of pleasure. Everyone should have a Bluetooth turntable at home; it is the warmest sound at night; it will give you a comfortable home life and create an immersive and relaxing environment.


Thank you for purchasing this AngelsHorn Turntable Hi-fi System. Read through this user manual before using the product to ensure its correct use. This instruction manual contains important information about safety, usage, and disposal. Use the product as described and keep this manual for future reference. This product can be used only in countries where the product is sold. Make sure that the operating voltage and the plug of the AC adapter of the product are correct for the country you live in.


Package contents

AngelsHorn® HP-H002 Package Contents

AngelsHorn® HP-H002 Retro Bluetooth Record Player Product Description:

Part names and functions

Part names and functions

AngelsHorn® HP-H002 Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications

AngelsHorn® HP-H002 Retro Bluetooth Record Player Precautions Before Use:

Keep these instructions in mind

1.Do not use in wet or moist areas such as bathrooms,steamy kitchens or near swimming pools.

2.Do not cover or block any venlaon openings.When placing the device on a shelf,
leave 5 cm (2") free space around the whole device.
3.Install in accordance with the supplied user manual.

4.Don't stepon or pinch the power adaptor.Be very careful,particularly near the
plugs and the cable'sexit point. Donot place heavy items on the power adaptor, which may damage it.Keep the entire device out of children'sreach! When playing with the power cable,they can seriously injure themselves.

5.Unplug this device duringlightning storms or when unused for along period.

6.Keep the device away from heat sources such as radiators, heaters,stoves,
candles and other heat-generating products or naked flame.
7.Avoid using the device near strong magnetic fields.

8.Electrostatic discharge can disturb the normalusage of this device.If so,simply
reset and restart the device following the instruction manual. During fhle transmis sion, please handle with care and operate in a stay free environment.

9.Warning! Never insert an object into the product through the vents or openings.
High voltage flows through the product and inserting an object can cause electric shock and/or short circuit internal parts. For the same reason,do not spillwater or liquid on the product.
10.Although this device is manufactured with theutmost care and checked several
times before leaving the factory,it is still possible that problems may occur,as with all electrical appliances. If you notice smoke,an excessive build-up of heat or any other unexpected phenomena, you should disconnect the plug from the mains power socket immediately.

11.This device must operate on a power source as specified on the specification label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply used in your home,consult your dealer or local power company.

12.The socket-outlet must be installed near the equipment and must be easily

13.Donot overload ac outlets or extension cords.Overloading can cause fre or
electric shock.

14.Devices with class 1 construction should be connected to a mains socket outlet
with a protective earthed connection.

15.Devices with class 2 construction do not require an earthed connection.

16. Keep away from rodents. Rodents enjoy bing on power cords.

17.Always hold the plug when pulling it out of the mains supply socket.Do not pull
the power cord. This can cause a short circuit.

18.Avoid placing the device on any surfaces that may be subject to vibrations or

19.To clean the device,use a so dry cloth. Donot use solvents or petrol-based fluids.
To remove severe stains, you may use a damp cloth with diluted detergent.

20.The supplier is not responsible for damage or lost data caused by malfunction,
misuse, modification of the device or battery replacement.

21.Do not interrupt the connection when the device is forming or transferring fles.
Otherwise, data may be corrupted or lost.

22.To completely disconnect the power input,the mains plug of the apparatus shall
be disconnected from the mains, as the disconnect device is the mains plug of the apparatus.

23.The apparatus can only be used in moderate extremely cold or climates warm
environments should be avoided.

24.The rang labelhas been marked on the boom or back panel of the apparatus.

25. This device is not intended for use by people(including children)with physical,
sensory or mental disabilities, or a lack of experience and knowledge unless they're under supervision or have received instructions about the correct use of the device by the person who is responsible for their safety.

26.This product is intended for non-professional use only and not for commercial
industrial use.

27.Make sure the unit is adjusted to a stable position. Damage caused by using this product in an unstable position or by failure to follow any other warning or precaution contained within this user manual will not be covered by warranty.

28. Never remove the casing of this apparatus.

29.Never place this apparatus on other electrical equipment.

30.Donot use or store this product in a place where it is subject to direct sunlight,
heat, excessive dust or vibration.

31.Do not allow children access to plastic bags.

32.Only use attachments/accessories specifed by the manufacturer.

33.Refer all servicing to qualifed service personnel.Servicing is required when the
apparatus has been damaged in any way,such as the power supply cord or the plug, when the liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, when the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture,does not operate normally, or has been dropped.

34.Do not use a damaged power cord or plug or aloose outlet.Doing so may result
in fre or electric shock.

35.Prolonged exposure to loud sounds from personal music players may lead to
temporary or permanent hearing loss.

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