4 Different Types of Rotary Styli (4 Types Of Stylus)

Assume once again if you believed a stylus pen was a stylus pen. There are numerous different sorts of turntable stylus pens.

We've currently discussed the finer factors (no word play here meant) of stylus pen cleansing and treatment, along with understanding when it's time to transform your stylus pen and how typically you should be changing it. The stylus pen is a problematic monster; a stylus pen generally is among 4 kinds. The distinction remains in the form of the ruby's pointer and just how it begins in the grooves of your documents.

There are 4 primary stylus pen forms, omitting a stylus pen for 78 RPM documents. A conventional microgroove round stylus pen will certainly ride highly reduced in the groove, generating a loud signal and significantly speeding up wear on your stylus pen.

Why does the stylus pen form issue?

That stated the stylus pen's form (as well as building and construction) adds to how well it reproduces audio from your document due to the gained access to the grooves' surface location. Suppose you value premium sound and have a little bit of additional cash to place right into your turntable setup. In that case, it's worth recognizing the various kinds of stylus pens and the advantages of each type. You might likewise desire to be a lot more discerning concerning your stylus pen, depending on whether you're utilizing it for DJing or playing documents at the house.

Stylus building and construction

The stylus pen will be affixed to the cantilever and will undoubtedly be either a naked ruby or a tipped ruby. With a tipped ruby, it's simply that-- the actual pointer of the stylus pen is ruby while the remainder is steel-- as opposed to naked ruby, where the stylus pen is a natural ruby that's glued to the cantilever.

4 Types Of Stylus:


Round, or cone-shaped, is the most usual stylus pen kind and the least costly. Some case round stylus pens generate the most use on documents since the call location of the ruby is limited to 2 details factors, while competitors declare that this creates much less wear.

Elliptical machine

The following most typical stylus pen kind is an elliptical machine or bi-radial. These kinds of stylus pens are usually put on a little bit quicker. Also, you'll need to pay interest to the cartridge and tonearm positioning for the most satisfactory outcomes.

Hyper elliptical

As the name recommends, this kind is the following phase of the elliptical exerciser stylus pen development, developing the layout to make higher calls with the document grooves. When correctly lined up, this stylus pen provides outstanding high-frequency efficiency, longer idea life, enhanced monitoring, and reduced document wear.


The micro-ridge or Microline stylus pen is the most sophisticated of the 4 styli kinds. Their multilevel "ridge" form permits this stylus pen to offer the ideal high-frequency efficiency with the prolonged document and stylus pen life (when straightened appropriately).

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