2022 AngelsHorn® Awesome Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

Getting a present for a record collector is simple, and there are practically unlimited choices to pick from.

Whether it's a vacation, a birthday, or another unique event, there's constantly a no-brainer, go-to present for vinyl enthusiasts: records. What do you get for a vinyl fan with an enormous collection?

This post will discuss the very best presents to get the audiophile in your life this year. From turntables to accessories to designs to storage, we've gone through whatever a record collector will enjoy and assembled it here.

#1 A Big, Beautiful Record Storage Shelf

There's no better option than some visually pleasing storage if you're looking for a present for somebody with a growing record collection.

Tape collectors are everything about the feel and look of their music. And, in most cases, the same individuals who consume over their preferred LPs have a propensity for all things visual-- style, design, company, and providing an area a concrete ambiance. A top-quality record rack offers an audiophile the opportunity to welcome their progressing interior decoration abilities while supplying an area to keep numerous albums.

When huge special racks capable of holding several lots records at. Plus, they look excellent and act as exceptional ornamental and practical pieces. Premium racks are developed with records and other physical media in mind, and they make great presents.

You can even develop your record storage system for a good friend or household member who enjoys vinyl if you're feeling innovative. You require some great wood, tools, and a work area, and you're set!

#2 A Vinyl Weight

Vinyl weights come in handy as little tools are utilized to hold records in place while they spin. The function of weight is to increase stability and steadiness, producing a more constant noise. Weight is an excellent option if you're looking for a present for somebody constantly attempting to enhance their turntable setup!

Weights for turntables are typically between 30 and 50 dollars. However, they're tiny adequate to be an ideal equipping stuffer.

#3 A New Cartridge

Audiophiles and vinyl lovers enjoy leveling up their devices. The guarantee of much better noise and a more mysterious listening experience suffices to make record gathering an endless journey. There's constantly a brand-new method to make records sound more extraordinary!

Vinyl fans have the distinct chance to personalize their audio setups to their taste because of a turntable's modular nature. Updating the cartridge is among the best and most popular methods to improve a turntable.

The cartridge is the turntable part that houses the stylus, likewise understood as the needle. As the stylus flights in the grooves of a record, it vibrates at particular frequencies, imitating the recording engraved onto the record.

As you can picture, the whole procedure of getting noise from record flights on an excellent cartridge. A low-grade cartridge can destroy your listening experience, making records sound loud, distorted, and irregular. A fantastic cartridge can change the method a record sounds, getting you that warm, analog audio that records are so famous for.

A brand-new cartridge for a record player can cost countless dollars. However, it's not essential to pay out that much on a present unless it's for a vinyl collector who is genuinely unique to you. Instead, you can purchase a top-quality cartridge that costs a couple of hundred dollars. This may not be the best cartridge worldwide. However, it can still level up the sound quality that a record produces.

#4 Cartridges to Check Out

If you wish to provide a vinyl collector with a cartridge, we've got some suggestions to take a look at:

At a little over $200, this cartridge is absolutely a financial investment. However, it's worth it! This cartridge produces excellent noise, providing plenty of richness and characteristics for your records.

Ortofon 2M Red. Mid-heavy and flexible, and affordable, this cartridge is absolutely in keeping up with the AT-F7. It's simple to set up, so even beginners to turntable modding need to have no trouble with putting this one on their record players!

Grado Black3. Understood for producing warm, bass-heavy noise, Grado cartridges are cost-effective, available, and excellent for pop and electronic music. This is the most low-cost cartridge of the 3. However, it's certainly not a bad option!

#5 A Great Preamp

Like the cartridge, the preamp plays a vital function in getting excellent noise from your turntable. Without a preamp, the signal that your cartridge gets will be barely audible, even when connected to a set of passive speakers. Thanks to your preamp, you'll get that analog noise that you're searching for!

Some turntables are made with integrated preamps, while others are not. You'll require a standalone phono box or a set of active speakers if your turntable does not have a preamp consistent in its development. We're fans of combining a phono box with passive speakers-- this setup offers you the possibility to customize your audio setup as much as you desire by keeping the speakers and preamp different.

In addition to making your records audible, preamps can include color, saturation, and heat to your noise. While a few of them can be exceptionally costly, others are a lot more available-- and still top quality

#6 Record-Cleaning Gear

Keeping LPs in good condition is among the fundamentals for a lasting record collection. At The Sound of Vinyl, we're huge fans of Vinyl Styl's LP Deep Cleaning System, which consists of a customized brush, cleaning up pad, and a bottle of cleaning fluid. Utilizing Vinyl Styl's system, any record collector can quickly keep their LPs, keeping them devoid of dirt, dust, and particles.

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