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Turntable Operation:

1. Connect the included power adapter to the unit and press the power rocker switch to be “ON” position.
2. Remove the needle cover from the cartridge.

record player turntable angelshorn
3. Place the slipmat on the platter and place a record on the slipmat. If using 45 RPM records, but the 45 RPM adapter on the center spindle before placing the record on the platter.
4. Set the 33/45 RPM Selector according to the type of record.
5. Unlock the arm clip and set the Lift Lever to the up position.
6. Position the tonearm over the desired location (groove) on the record. The platter will begin spinning.
7. Move the tonearm lift lever to the down position to move the tonearm toward the record. Alternatively, place the needle over the desired location on the record.
8. Carefully lower the tonearm on the record.
9. When you are finished playing the record, raise the tonearm, return it to rest on the arm clip.

Bluetooth Operation:

This unit has a Bluetooth transmitter to send audio to a Bluetooth speaker wirelessly.
1. Power on your Bluetooth speaker and ensure it is in pairing mode.
2. Power on the unit, the BT will auto search when the unit turn on, the BT indicated light flashing.
3. When pairing, the light will flash twice per second, then change to be long lighting when paired.
4. To disconnect pairing, power off the turntable or turn off Bluetooth pairing on your Bluetooth speaker.
***Note: This unit will connect to the closest Bluetooth speaker that is near it. If after 2 minutes no Bluetooth speaker can be found to pair with the Bluetooth transmitter will become inactive and the LED will turn off.

Recording the LP into PC through USB jack:

For installing and recording step please reference to the BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF AUDACITY
Recording the vinyl to your computer:
1. Follow the detail step as above Turntable Operation to play the vinyl.
2. Double click the Audacity and follow the record steps showing on the BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF AUDACITY.

Audacity and USB Connection:

It supports Windows95/Window XP/Window 7/Vista or more advanced version, with the EMS memory more than 128MB and Audacity take space of 5MB.

Instruction for PC Encoding:

1. Software instruction
1)Connect the USB cable with your turntable and your computer. No extra driver is required.
2)Download the Audacity software from, Follow the instructions to complete installation.
2. Recording
1)Open the software;

record player turntable angelshorn
2)Choose “Edit” menu, then choose “Preferences”;

record player turntable angelshorn
3)Audacity Preferences:

record player turntable angelshorn
You need to check your computer audio properties, the sound recording should be selected: SSS USB Audio Device” as below:
4)Adjust the output and input volume;

record player turntable angelshorn
5)Select the record button ● to record the disc, the left and right tracks will show on the interface;

record player turntable angelshorn

record player turntable angelshorn
3.Export the Music Files for WAV, MP3, Format.
- Once you have finished recording, you should save your music to the computer.
- Click File menu and move down to Export as WAV format, MP3 format or Ogg format.
- Click on any format to save the music, and you will be asked for the file name of the music recording.
***Note: Audacity does not export MP3 files directly; you should download the LAME MP3 encoder. A link to find LAME MP3 can be found at
If do not see the sound wave on the interface, when recording, please adjust the line in volume as follows.
Specific Steps as follows:
1) Download “lame_enc.dll” file, and install it to the software list.
2) Open the “Audacity” software, click Main Menu, Select “edit”, “Parameter”, “File Formats”, and click the “Searcher”.

record player turntable angelshorn
3) After opened, it will come to the following menu, click “YES” to go to “Llame_enc.dll”, and find the file’s location.

record player turntable angelshorn
4) After you find the “lame_enc.dl” file, open it and click “Y” to finish the installation. 

record player turntable angelshorn

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