3 Mainstream Brands of Turntable Record Machine Needles

You would certainly much better not be squeamish when it comes to needles. Turntable needles that are. As we've discussed, the vinyl listening experience comes down to its parts.

A good turntable affects three critical points of sound quality:

  • A good record player offers better sound quality
  • A solid pair of speakers provide better sound quality
  • The vinyl record albums you buy matter, too.

Before we go any further, please take a moment to review some of the phono pins we discussed earlier in the article using the interactive table below:

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And also, similar to all facets of a record player's part, not all needles are developed equivalent. The top quality of the stylus pen has as much to do with the general worth of your noise system as that excellent brand-new border audio speaker system.

Exactly how you change needles in your turntable's lifetime has a lot to do with your spending plan and just how much you're prepared to invest to not fret regarding investing a lot more.

What We’ll Dive Into Today

In this article, we’ll look at a range of stylus choices, from low to high end, to help you find the type that’s right for you. Today, we’ll be discussing these three styluses brand in depth:(PS: But just as there are different turntables for different lifestyles, so too are there different cartridges.)

Audio Technica
Benz Glider

Audio Technica

From a sturdy name in hi-fi comes a solid cartridge/stylus combo from Audio Technica. The performance you get for the price of this model is second to none.

The new Angels Horn® in 2022 basically uses this type of pin for the Bluetooth turntable

Similar to their line of turntables, Audio Technica makes all get rid of top quality in mind. That implies you'll locate an interest in information right to the ruby stylus pen that will not endure the grooves of your documents.

With turntables, details matter. Diamond stylus. Tracking force. Load impendence. These are all terms to consider when buying a needle cartridge. The exact force with which a needle is applied to the surface of a record means the difference between clarity and scratchiness.

You might have listened to the old plastic paying attention to professional suggestions concerning placing a coin in addition to your cartridge when a document is playing to maintain the needle in the groove. This is, so the track preserves optimal contact with the paper's surface area, resulting in much less scraping and avoiding the sound.

What you're genuinely attempting to do is make up for damaged or affordable components. Why use a plaster when you can obtain a far better part? Or maybe you’re in the market for something more top of the line.

Benz Glider

You could also call this the Mercedes Benz Glider. This design, from Swiss firm Micro-Benz, is just one of one of the most well constructed, durable, as well as pricey stylus pens you'll ever before locate.

Did I state it was pricey? You might have an entire turntable arrangement as well as border audio system mounted for the cost of the Glider.

The Glider does specifically what it states it does. It slides in the grooves of your documents, keeping an excellent equilibrium factor as well as monitoring weight. It's one of the extra severe instances of relocating coil (MC) cartridge layout, typically mentioned as the favored style of the majority of audiophiles, as opposed to the a lot more common relocating magnet (MM) kind.

The noise the Glider offers is wide as well as tidy. The excellent point concerning stylus pens at this degree is that they do not actually trigger much of a difficulty. With a cartridge/stylus combo like this, you’ll wonder why anyone would ever settle for anything less. Then, you’ll remember the cost. Sometimes, more is more. Sometimes, less is best.


At the complete opposite end of the spectrum is the Crosley Np6. At first glance, the difference in cost between the Np6 and the Benz Glider is laughable. But then you have to consider what the Np6 actually is. This is not a cartridge, but rather a replacement needle that can be fitted to a Crosley cartridge. This represents another way to buy styluses for your record player. Once you have a solid cartridge, oftentimes replacement is simply a matter of finding a new needle.

Needles, like cartridges, run the gamut of price and quality, and the Crosley Np6 is an example of a cheaper replacement part that can still fit the bill. Because of the price point of a lot of Crosley turntables, Crosley parts are often made of cheaper, plastic materials.

The Np6 is exactly that. It advertises as a diamond stylus, but not all diamonds are cut from the same rock. It will get the job done for the price, but it won’t provide top of the line sound, and it won’t last as long. If Crosley is quality enough for you, though, then this model will do you just fine.

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