What Is The Best Vintage Record Player To Buy?

Do you miss the melodious and soulful music that your old-school record player used to play? The vintage look and appealing performance of those record players were simply mesmerizing in their own way. Yet, the advancement in the music playing system slowly altered inside our smart devices – eliminating the need for such record players anymore.

But do the modern music players and applications give you the same empowering and soulful harmony and excitement of manually playing records? I believe not. Besides, no matter how advanced the technology gets, there’s no replacement to the initial devices and how they used to add excitement to our activities is just irreplaceable. Having that said, why not go back to the vintage feeling of playing soulful records by investing in a record player for yourself? Now to make that possible, here are some specific things you should consider to purchase the best vintage record player for yours.

Qualities of the Best Vintage Record Player:

Sound Quality:

The first most crucial aspect to consider when purchasing the best vintage record player is its sound quality. As evident as it sounds, not every record player offers you the same quality of sound. And just because you’re going back in the past doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor sound quality. The components of a record player that determine its sound quality include:

  • Needle (stylus)
  • Speaker wattage
  • Audio components

Now even though you will need a vinyl record player vintage speaker to enjoy higher sounds of your favorite records, it’s crucial to not only rely on the spate speaker’s quality. Instead, make sure that the record itself has the high-quality components mentioned above, ensuring better sound and melody – with or without the speakers connected.

Connection and Portability:

Yes, you may be going back in time to live the joy of hearing soulful melodies. But it doesn’t hurt to enjoy advancements and convenience even on a vintage record player, does it? Hence, ensuring connectivity ease and portability of the record player you purchase can simply add more to your musical fun while limiting old-school connectivity issues like the frequency cutoff of vintage record player speakers. Now, what can be more exciting than to have a vintage music player serve you with modern efficiency?


Do you ever look at a record player and think whether all the records or vinyl for these players come in the same size? Well, guess what? They don’t. Therefore, we often find ourselves brainstorming that can a record player play any size vinyl? If that’s what you’re thinking again, let me add that different vinyl record sizes fit different record players. So you can’t expect all of them to be the perfect fit for your records. Hence, the ideal choice when buying the best record player can be to purchase one that works with standard vinyl sizes falling from 7-inches to 12-inches.


You can never be too advanced to go back in time and feel the emergence of technology and vintage devices. So let go of those second thoughts and bring back the old music fun by buying that modern or vintage record player NYC you wished to have for so long. Happy shopping!

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